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New Yorkers 4 Wired Tech is calling on New Yorkers to help us turn up the volume to counter the telecom and utility industries and prevail on politicians to protect the public from exposure to excessive levels of pulsed microwave radiation (RF-EMR) from smart meters and wireless antennas. We are asking for a minimal effort. It begins with signing our petition.

NewYorkers4WiredTech Petition

Since 2013 there have been five attempts to pass regulations on smart meters. There has been an attempt to pass a bill regulating WiFi in schools. However, none of these proposed bills have gotten past the committee stage and to the floor for a vote. Signing our petition and getting others to sign will help show NY lawmakers that we have a solid constituency of people who want their safety, privacy and property protected above the interests of the telecoms and utilities. The legislature is in session through June. We must act NOW, or risk having to wait yet another year while smart meters and wireless antennas are getting installed EVERY DAY! So please take a few minutes now to read, sign and share our petition.

For more on smart meters, please read “Smart” Meter Basics and “Smart” Meter Legislative Action.

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