Halloween ‘Jumbo’ Pole Walk

to warn our fellow New Yorkers

Signs, Halloween attire, tin foil hats, all are welcome

Sunday October 30, 2022 *

The Link5G “jumbo” poles continue to crop up around the city.  

We will continue our pole warning walks on the day before Halloween.  We will pick up in the East Village from 2nd Avenue and 1st Street, and make our way to Avenue A and 12th Street, where there is the latest pole installation.


Sunday October 30th

4:10 – 4:25 pm – gather ahead of time at the Bean cafe, at 54 2nd Avenue, on the South East corner of 2nd Avenue and 3rd Street

4:30 – 4:45 pm – Flier and outreach at Link5G Pole at 24 2nd Avenue (betw 2nd & 1st Streets, closer to 1st)  

4:45 – Start walk north along 2nd Avenue, where there are an exaggerated number of LinkNY kiosks along the way, heading towards 12th Street and Avenue A

Between 5:15 – 5:45 – We should be at the 12th Street & Avenue A pole, doing further outreach.

For those who are electrically sensitive please consider carefully if you want to attend, and please do take precautions.  We will try not to linger too long by each pole, and to pass out information where we find the least powerful readings.  Of course anywhere you are in Manhattan is pretty much a hotspot.  

Still, we hope one way or another you might be able to join us.  If you cannot be there in person please contact your representatives and ask them why they are allowing such a wireless wild west, and to stop this endless roll out NOW!   

A local piece on the latest installation:


A prescient video from years ago warning about the LinkNY kiosks and their foundation of surveillance on city streets:


Fliers you can print out:



* Please check back here on Newyorkers4Wiredtech.com for any updates, especially in case of rain or call (641) 715-3900, ext. 953436 

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