Timothy Schoechle, PhD, speaks to Queens Community Board 1, Environmental Protection Committee

Dr. Schoechle explains key aspects of the definition of ‘broadband,’ fiber to the premises as a universal basic service, the pitfalls of today’s smart meters, how data should flow from the community into the premises, not the other way around, and how to move to a de-centralized micro-grid system based on renewable energy that would be a true ‘wise grid.’

International expert in computer and communications engineering, technology, and policy, author of Reinventing Wires and Getting Smarter About the Smart Grid and countless other papers. For more information on Dr. Schoechle’s work please visit

NY Smart Meter Alert

View the levels of pulsed-modulated microwave radiation emitted by smart meters. There are safer, energy-efficient models which emit zero emissions and safeguard privacy. The existing “smart meters” are actually obsolete. You’ll also get the talking points we need for lobbying state legislators. We need new “smart meter” legislation in 2021!

Taming the Densified 4G/5G Grid

Paul McGavin brings us this video featuring Trevor Marshall, PhD. Director of the Autoimmunity Research Foundation. Read more of his bio on

Stop 5G in Broome County!

Co-founder Gusti Bogok is interviewed on the Bill Huston Podcast

5G in Endicott: What Village Officials Need to Know

Odette Wilkens of Hardwire Broadband!, Inc. in NYC is interviewed on the Bill Huston Podcast

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