Testimony needed today re: Con Ed’s Steep Rate Hikes

Can you believe ConEd is proposing to increase electric bills by 11.2% and gas bills by 18.2%?  That’s $20.90 more per month for electricity and $37.88 more per month for gas for the average ConEd customer!  The request has triggered a hearing with the New York Public Service Commission (PSC), the state department that is responsible for regulating ConEd and their rates, and so there is an opportunity for the public to air its grievances. 

We know that many have already had much higher bills since smart meters have been installed.  And in recent weeks, many have received notices claiming a brazen $100 no-access fee, monthly, in addition to the $9.50, monthly, for the privilege of hanging onto one’s analog meter.  This would be a great opportunity to call out Con Ed, the largest investor-owned utility in the state, on all its shenanigans, and its profiteering off of poorly conceived capital investments, such as smart meters.

Unfortunately the testimony is due by May 17!

But Assembly Member Mamdani of Astoria has made it easy and is collecting testimony at this link, where he also gives tips and a little bit of history:


We thank the Assembly Member, he has actually been going door to door in Astoria, but he says he is happy to collect testimonies from all New Yorkers.

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