Link5G ‘Jumbo’ Pole Walking Tour

Join Us Saturday, September 24 Global 5G Day on the Lower East Side Dear Friends of Safe Technology, These Jumbo Link5G poles have started to make their way across our neighborhoods.  They were first only approved for commercial and manufacturing zones, and yet it did not take very long for them to appear in residential areas. Continue reading “Link5G ‘Jumbo’ Pole Walking Tour”

Testimony needed today re: Con Ed’s Steep Rate Hikes

Can you believe ConEd is proposing to increase electric bills by 11.2% and gas bills by 18.2%?  That’s $20.90 more per month for electricity and $37.88 more per month for gas for the average ConEd customer!  The request has triggered a hearing with the New York Public Service Commission (PSC), the state department that is responsible for regulating ConEd andContinue reading “Testimony needed today re: Con Ed’s Steep Rate Hikes”

Mystery Illness on East 4th Street – Effects of Microwave Radiation

The publication called Westview News has published an article documenting very high exposure to RF-EMR in an apartment complex in the East Village. This is a story about the predicament of Teresa Mazur, who has been suffering from the exposure to exceedingly high levels of microwave radiation, and whose pleas for help have been totally ignored. See theContinue reading “Mystery Illness on East 4th Street – Effects of Microwave Radiation”

Westview News prints article on 5G poles proposed for NYC

Here is an important educational piece by Camilla Rees, founder of Manhattan Neighbors for Safer Telecommunications. This is just published in a downtown Manhattan newspaper called Westview News. The article addresses plans to install 4,000 “monopoles” with 5G antennas in NY City. We need to generate widespread awareness and galvanize a groundswell of opposition. The article makesContinue reading “Westview News prints article on 5G poles proposed for NYC”