“Smart” Meter Legislative Action

What YOU Can Do to Get Truly Smart Legislation
on “Smart” Meters

NY State utilities have been installing meters for over a decade that emit excessive levels of pulsed microwave radiation, which is hazardous to our health and property. These utilities and the Public Service Commission, the state regulatory agency, had a duty to know of harm caused by these RF-emitting meters. After all, for over a decade throughout the country  “smart meters” have been known to cause electromagnetic sensitivity, to cause surges that damage appliances, and even fires. The utilities fraudulently cite FCC’s  1996 guidelines, which do not deal with the spiking of the microwave frequencies. Instead, NY State residents have had this technology imposed upon us, with poorly written notices and opt-out instructions most people easily miss. Then we’re  charged fees, forced to argue with utilities to get our analog meters back, and told that utilities have the authority to dictate terms we never knowingly gave consent to. In the meantime we are being  forced to undergo exposure to pulsed microwave radiation. As a result, NY residents have been subjected to an invasion of property rights, right to privacy, and denied our right to live in a healthy environment.

“Smart meters” are designed to collect data, profile behavior, and provide justification for  “congestion pricing,” which means higher rates. Utilities should have been required to explain how smart meters function, then installations should only have taken place upon written prior consent from the customer. “Smart meters” provide no benefit to the public. They simply allow utilities to eliminate the employees who read our meters every month, and make profits from data collection enterprises. 

But there’s  a solution! Technology exists whereby meters can communicate by fiber optic cable, copper wire or electric power lines. Done correctly, they emit zero pulsed microwave radiation, can’t be hacked, have surge protection, and protect privacy. This renders RF-emitting meters obsolete. The industry knows these technologies exist. Using them would actually be “smart.”
We need legislation that moves metering devices in this direction, provides shielded covers for existing RF-emitted meters until replacements take place, and allows customers with analog meters to keep them. They’ve worked safely for a century.

 Now we must convince our state elected officials to pass ”smart meter” legislation in the public interest. Here is an action we can all do now.
Contact your NY State Senator and Assembly Member today. To find yours, go to:

Call and email your senator and assembly member with the following points:

1. The Public Service Commission and utilities have bullied and coerced customers, imposing MICROWAVE RADIATION-TRANSMITTING utility meters incorrectly called “smart” meters, despite the fact that the original 2005 Federal Law merely allowed customers who wanted them to have them by choice. Legally, this represents an “opt-in” situation.

2. I object to being forced to have to opt out of these misnamed “smart” meters.

3. I do not consent to being exposed, and object to forced exposure, to these meters’ hazardous, pulse-modulated microwave radiation spikes, which at their peaks can exceed FCC guidelines.

4. I object to the warrantless search-and seizure data collection that these meters perform within my home.

5. By contrast, designs exist for meters which operate by copper wire and fiber optic cable. These are more secure, accurate, reliable, and more energy-efficient. Analog meters are even better – they lasted nearly a century without incident. The  “smart meters” currently used by the utilities are already OBSOLETE.

6. Watch this 10-minute video at https://rebrand.ly/ny-smart-meter-alert to see firsthand the hazardous levels of pulsed-modulated microwave radiation emitted by so-called  “smart meters.”

7. I want a state-wide moratorium on the so-called “smart meter” buildout. Members of the public, forced as they are to be utility customers, need the option to retain their existing analog meters.

8. For all those with microwave radiation-transmitting meters, the utilities have an obligation to, and must be ordered to provide shielding such as meter covers and circuit-board filters which eliminate dirty electricity, along with fire hazard protections, This must begin immediately and be completed within one year statewide. To facilitate this action, utilities must provide the capability for customers to order meter covers that are easily attached, to be funded by them and the PSC.

9. Legislators must enact laws requiring misnamed “smart” meters to be replaced with the customer’s choice of analog or wired copper or fiber optic cable meters, and should require by law that all so-called “smart” meters be replaced statewide by December 31, 2024.

NY4WT Posted: 9/2/2021

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