Halloween ‘Jumbo’ Pole Walk

to warn our fellow New Yorkers

Signs, Halloween attire, tin foil hats, all are welcome

Sunday October 30, 2022 *

The Link5G “jumbo” poles continue to crop up around the city.  

We will continue our pole warning walks on the day before Halloween.  We will pick up in the East Village from 2nd Avenue and 1st Street, and make our way to Avenue A and 12th Street, where there is the latest pole installation.


Sunday October 30th

4:10 – 4:25 pm – gather ahead of time at the Bean cafe, at 54 2nd Avenue, on the South East corner of 2nd Avenue and 3rd Street

4:30 – 4:45 pm – Flier and outreach at Link5G Pole at 24 2nd Avenue (betw 2nd & 1st Streets, closer to 1st)  

4:45 – Start walk north along 2nd Avenue, where there are an exaggerated number of LinkNY kiosks along the way, heading towards 12th Street and Avenue A

Between 5:15 – 5:45 – We should be at the 12th Street & Avenue A pole, doing further outreach.

For those who are electrically sensitive please consider carefully if you want to attend, and please do take precautions.  We will try not to linger too long by each pole, and to pass out information where we find the least powerful readings.  Of course anywhere you are in Manhattan is pretty much a hotspot.  

Still, we hope one way or another you might be able to join us.  If you cannot be there in person please contact your representatives and ask them why they are allowing such a wireless wild west, and to stop this endless roll out NOW!   

A local piece on the latest installation:


A prescient video from years ago warning about the LinkNY kiosks and their foundation of surveillance on city streets:


Fliers you can print out:



* Please check back here on Newyorkers4Wiredtech.com for any updates, especially in case of rain or call (641) 715-3900, ext. 953436 

Link5G ‘Jumbo’ Pole Walking Tour

Street scene with Link5G Pole outside Trader Joe's, Lower East Side, Manhattan
Link5G Pole outside Trader Joe’s, Lower East Side, Manhattan

Join Us Saturday, September 24

Global 5G Day on the Lower East Side

Dear Friends of Safe Technology,

These Jumbo Link5G poles have started to make their way across our neighborhoods.  They were first only approved for commercial and manufacturing zones, and yet it did not take very long for them to appear in residential areas.  The initial selling points would be that they would be targeting the under-served, so as to provide more equitable access to the internet and emergency and long distance calling. This is after the city uprooted all the old wire based public pay phones and neglected to ensure the build out of fiber optic wires, that were supposed to go to every premises by 2014.

The only restriction for these jumbo poles is that there be only one allowed per city block!  That means these could conceivably be on every corner, wherever old pay phones used to sit, or been replaced by LinkNY kiosks. According to DoITT’s Link5G design proposal, it is only if they are not placed at one of these pre-existing sites that DoITT would consult with the relevant Community Board, Council Member, Borough President, and BID and offer a 60-day comment period before it is built. If you live near or above an old pay phone or LinkNYC kiosk, it is possible you will have a jumbo pole appear without warning outside your door.

These 32’ high eye sore poles will have antennas from multiple tenants, for multiple technologies, Wi-Fi, millimeter wave 5G, sub-6 GHz 5G and 4G LTE. The millimeter range frequencies are higher than most of our consumer meters can measure. But measurements so far have been high, and we can be sure we will be exposed to a greater variety and density of wireless radiation.

So please join us for a Jumbo Pole walking tour this Saturday, September 24 on the lower east side, where we have uncovered 3 within a 10 block distance. 

We will act in concert with “Global 5G Day,” and those in Europe who are aiming to get 1 million signatures to take to the UN and European Parliament to roll back this technology. 

This is our current schedule:

3-4pm – Jumbo pole by Trader Joe’s at 400 Grand (at Clinton Street)

4-4:30pm – Jumbo pole at Grand & Essex Streets by the Pickle Guys

4:30-5pm –  Jumbo pole at East Broadway and Rutgers Street on the Seward Park side across from Wu’s Dumpling King

Please refer to the map below and ask us if you might have any questions. 

Hope to see you there!

New Yorkers 4 Wired Tech

Transportation info:

Subway F J M Z to Delancey Essex Street Stop, B D to Delancey & Christie

Bus M15 bus along 2nd Avenue best stop seems to be Hester Street and Allen, one stop after Delancey and before Canal.  Or Delancey if you are on an Express.

The M14 crosstown also comes all the way down Grand.  Get off at Clinton Street to get to Trader Joe’s.

Some more background on the topic:


Flyers you can hand out can be found here and here.

Testimony needed today re: Con Ed’s Steep Rate Hikes

Can you believe ConEd is proposing to increase electric bills by 11.2% and gas bills by 18.2%?  That’s $20.90 more per month for electricity and $37.88 more per month for gas for the average ConEd customer!  The request has triggered a hearing with the New York Public Service Commission (PSC), the state department that is responsible for regulating ConEd and their rates, and so there is an opportunity for the public to air its grievances. 

We know that many have already had much higher bills since smart meters have been installed.  And in recent weeks, many have received notices claiming a brazen $100 no-access fee, monthly, in addition to the $9.50, monthly, for the privilege of hanging onto one’s analog meter.  This would be a great opportunity to call out Con Ed, the largest investor-owned utility in the state, on all its shenanigans, and its profiteering off of poorly conceived capital investments, such as smart meters.

Unfortunately the testimony is due by May 17!

But Assembly Member Mamdani of Astoria has made it easy and is collecting testimony at this link, where he also gives tips and a little bit of history:


We thank the Assembly Member, he has actually been going door to door in Astoria, but he says he is happy to collect testimonies from all New Yorkers.

Mystery Illness on East 4th Street – Effects of Microwave Radiation

The publication called Westview News has published an article documenting very high exposure to RF-EMR in an apartment complex in the East Village. This is a story about the predicament of Teresa Mazur, who has been suffering from the exposure to exceedingly high levels of microwave radiation, and whose pleas for help have been totally ignored. See the article here:


Hopefully, this article will lead to a clamoring for Teresa and residents with similar symptoms throughout NYC to be heard and for the wireless telecom providers to comply with the Communications Act of 1934 provision on power levels.

47 U.S. Code § 324 – Use of minimum power
In all circumstances, except in case of radio communications or signals relating to vessels in distress, all radio stations, including those owned and operated by the United States, shall use the minimum amount of power necessary to carry out the communication desired. (June 19, 1934, ch. 652, title III, § 324, 48 Stat. 1091.)

Note: wireless antennas are basically radio stations that transmit data over radio frequencies.

Please forward this far and wide. Also, please send a note to the publisher expressing thanks and support for printing such an important article. If you have or know others with typical exposure symptoms such as Teresa has had, please include that in your message. Email it to gcapsis@gmail.com or call 212 924 5718.

Westview News prints article on 5G poles proposed for NYC

Here is an important educational piece by Camilla Rees, founder of Manhattan Neighbors for Safer Telecommunications. This is just published in a downtown Manhattan newspaper called Westview News. The article addresses plans to install 4,000 “monopoles” with 5G antennas in NY City. We need to generate widespread awareness and galvanize a groundswell of opposition. The article makes it clear why this is so. Please forward this far and wide. Also, at the bottom of the page you can add a comment. Ideally, expressing appreciation of this coverage and a point or two about why this is a bad idea will be helpful. 

Bear in mind, there are already at least 11,600 pole-mounted and street light-mounted antennas throughout the 5 boroughs. Plus there are probably more than double this amount of rooftop mounted antennas which are blasting body-piercing levels of microwave radiation that have already sickened residents, causing sleep disorders, headaches, fatigue, cardiovascular problems, neurological problems, and possibly cancers. We have many personal stories that are heart-wrenching. 

We have to ask, is the densified positioning of wireless antennas to enable surveillance on steroids, ending whatever few privacy rights we have left and completing the “total information awareness” plan begun after 9/11? The planning for driverless vehicles is rooted in 5G frequencies. needed for wireless communications for navigation. What happens if the signals get hacked or the power fails?

With effective strategy, utilizing recent court victories and local rulings, and mobilizing as constituents calling for responsible telecommunications policies, we can win this battle IF we make our position known and demand accountability. 

See this important article at https://westviewnews.org/2021/12/04/4000-giant-sized-5g-antennas-proposed-for-nyc-opposition-grows/web-admin/.

Please spread the word!


Victory in Ithaca – Dec. 2021

The City of Ithaca has officially established updates to the wireless codes. It will greatly limit redundant cell antennas in the city, which is a big win for health of city residents as well as its environment.

Restrictive new code provisions for the City of Ithaca

  • A 1500 foot setback between antennas (old code: 0 feet)
  • A 250 foot setback between antennas and homes/schools (old code: 8 feet)
    (Note: Although a 1500 foot setback would be better, since schools are in dense residential areas, this provision will achieve a similar result.)
  • Requiring proof of a significant gap in service coverage for any antenna, proven by ‘in-kind’ testing (such as drive-by tests and dropped calls)
  • Clarifying that an applicant’s claim that it needs the proposed tower for “future capacity” or to “improve coverage” is not sufficient to establish that it suffers from a significant gap in coverage
  • Requiring the least intrusive methods to fill any coverage gap for antennas
  • Requiring that a visual impact analysis be submitted for any new proposed antennas
  • Requiring General Liability Insurance without a pollution exclusion
  • Allowing for random, unannounced radiation testing for all towers done by the City at the expense of the applicant
  • Including fall-zone requirements that wireless facilities are maintained at a sufficient distance from other structures and the general public
  • Allowing for revocability (a clause allowing the voiding of any contract requiring its modification in the event of a regulatory change)
  • Mandating certified mail notices of any proposed tower be sent to people living near a proposed site before approval, paid for by the applicant.
  • Establishing a procedure for any disabled persons suffering from EHS to submit requests/grievances in accordance with the ADA
  • Establishing that the codes apply to all wireless transmitting antennas, including any on private homes (aimed at the OTARD challenge)
  • Deputizing any citizen to test for RF emissions
  • Protecting against reductions in property values of properties situated near wireless facilities
  • Requiring that everything submitted by the applicant is done so under oath and penalty of perjury