New York Snow and Rain Samples Reveal Geoengineering Footprint

Have you observed airplane emissions that linger and spread?   These result from aircraft “aerosol injection” in our atmosphere – one type of geoengineering activity.  New Yorkers know that air pollution is a serious problem[i].  And the persistent streaks and criss-cross patterns that eventually cover us in haze worsen the pollution above and upon our State.

Rebranding of Weather/Climate Engineering

The practice of weather and climate engineering has recently been rebranded as “weather mitigation”[i] and “climate remediation”[ii], but the overarching name for this deliberate activity is “geoengineering.”

Since the 1940s[iii], individuals[iv], universities such as Rutgers[v], and Harvard[vi] and government agencies have engaged in geoengineering activities such as cloud seeding[vii], climate control[viii], stratospheric aerosol injection (SAI)[ix] and solar radiation management (SRM)[x], including some biological weapons dispersal[xi] [xii]. These activities produce vast, harmful effects upon health and the environment – particularly agriculture and coastal waters.  What substances comprise the aerosol streaks in our skies?[xiii] Our Team wanted answers, so we collected clean rain and snow samples from various locations around New York and sent them to independent laboratories for analysis.  We tested for the presence of some standard SAI agents: barium, strontium, aluminum and sulfur, which are known to be hazardous to humans, animals, insects and plants.[xiv]  Lab analysis showed the samples contained all four contaminants, indicating proof-positive of the geoengineering footprint in our rain and snow. 

Beyond aerosol injection, geoengineering involves other hazardous deployments, such as that of radiofrequency/microwave (RF/MW) and infrared radiation from satellites[i] and terrestrial facilities. Some radiation is beam-formed or otherwise concentrated in excess of nervous-system tolerance.

The Geoengineering – Hazardous Emissions Act has been introduced in other state legislatures.  Learn more about this legislation and how you can help end pollution and promote health and environmental integrity.

Our Results Are In

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**Note: Please scroll to bottom of page for references and visit Zero Geoengineering’s NY State link for additional NY lab test results:

















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